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Pine Rose Farm located in Trumansburg, NY is an old, small family farm that has transitioned to growing Hemp for CBD in the past few years. Up until July 2019 it was still a dairy farm as it had been for many years. Neil Stevenson, third generation farmer on the land, and his partner Leslie Rosemann decided it was time to try something new to try and rejuvenate the farm that just wasn’t able to keep up and compete with the larger dairies. So together they created Pine Rose Farm which is a representation of their shared backgrounds. Leslie and Neil’s idea has grown into a real passion to create superior methods for growing  quality CBD hemp varieties. In 2020 they grew 25 acres and now offer the 8 different high end varieties; LFav, T2, Titan, The Wife, The Grand, ACDC, C2 and Cherry Bubblegum. With Neil’s knowledge of farming and ingenuity they are creating and practicing methods of growing with the end result being a superior quality product. “We are very fortunate to have the infrastructure to hang and cure properly which really makes a difference in preserving the smell and flavors of the varieties.” says Leslie. The two together are passionate about Hemp and creating the best quality CBD products.


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